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TagCommenter for comments to your current vicinity!

TagCommenter Post comments to your vicinity! Read the comments of other users!

Carved slogans in castle walls or hearts in trees before? Been stunned by a super location or been happy with a restaurant or store and wanted to tell this others before? Now, with this app, you can post your comment, your feelings and emotions with or without photo to a place or building, where you are currently. Thus, all other users being ever in the vicinity of this location, will be able to see your comment. Of course, you can also see the messages of other users, posted anytime to places or buildings in the vicinity of your current location. That way, you may get useful tips to locations nearby or you can share the emotions of others at this places.

Post whenever you want your feelings and informations, since the more comments are uploaded to TagCommenter the more comments will you find in the vicinity of your location. And of course, the number of postings will grow gradually and in the early stages no comments may be found in the vicinity of your location.

You can set the distance from your location to display comments and their maximal age. You can either inspect the comment-texts and photos and, on request, the locations of the comments on the map or the comments of the vicinity are shown with pins on the map and by tapping a pin the comment's text/photo is displayed.

With this app you can "eternize" your emotions and informations site-specificly.

Since the TagCommenter app and the services supplied by the app are free of charge for you, they must be sponsored by ads. Keep this in mind, when you get steeamed up about the ads in the app!

To use this app and the services of TagCommenter, no registration is necessary by you. But notice, that you, the author of the comment/photo, can be identified anyway in case you violate the terms and have to be suspended for further postings or in case your comments/photos violate the law and you as author have to be prosecuted. Therefore, read the terms and the end user license agreement (EULA) before using TagCommenter.

Important notice:
It is essential to read the terms and EULA, before using the TagCommenter app and ist services!