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comprises on the one hand an app for Android smartphones and on the other hand the services accessed by this app: the upload of comments and photos to TagCommenter and the download of stored comments and photos from TagCommenter.

To upload a comment describe shortly the place, building etc. you mean and then write your comment-text to the place, building etc. you want to publish. Additionally, you can take a photo of the location or choose a existing photo from the gallery of your smartphone. Then post all together to TagCommenter. The upload is processed in background and you cannot upload the next comment until the current comment is successfully uploaded or finished with an error. Your location is automatically fixed. If the location cannot be determined, perhaps GPS and network localization are switched off, the upload will not be executed but terminated with an error message. Date/time and language are also automatically attached to the comment and stored on TagCommenter.

Of course, you can download the comments of other users from TagCommenter. For that purpose you can specify in the settings the distance from your location to display comments and their maximal age and the language of the comments to be displayed. Additionally, you can select the sort order of the comments (descending by date or ascending by distance from your location).

Choose one from 2 presentations of the downloaded comments:

  1. Display of the comment-texts and preview photos - if any - in a list. For each comment the creation date, the place description and the first few words of the comment-text itself are presented, plus a preview of the photo, if existing. Tap the preview photo to show the photo in full screen mode. Tap the comment-text to expand/collapse the text to display it fully or only the first few words. Tap and keep tapped a list entry shows the location of the comment as pin on the map, your current location is drawn as a blue flag.
  2. Display of the comments' locations as pins on the map (when more than 20 comments are to be drawn, you can scroll forward and backward in the menu, to display the next/previous comments, so that at most 20 pins are visible). Your current location is drawn as a blue flag. Tap a pin to display the correspondig comment as described in 1. If more comments below to one pin of if some opins overlap, the correspondig comments are displayed in a list as described in 1.

If you want to download comments but your location cannot be fixed, perhaps GPS and network localization are switched off, you are informed and you can manually set your location from the map by tapping twice the place on the map you want. That way you can view also comments from remote locations, you are interested in.

TagCommenter-App is running on all smartphones with Android platform 9.0 or higher. This corresponds to Android API level 28 or higher.
Current version of TagCommenter is 1.8.
Download TagCommenter-App from Android market.